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Topics: 2006 albums, Toleration, Friendship Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: December 22, 2013
 Tolerance is the best strategy in making friends As to the attitude towards friends, most people say that it is because their difference that makes them friends. However, another attitude “We are friends despite our differences” is the most realistic answer in most of the case. I am the one who is in favor of the second attitude. You may say that compared with the first attitude, the second one shows too much negative emotion, and the friendship won’t be longer if people always have to tolerate their friends instead of truly embracing others’ differences. But the attitude to tolerate others is the real attitude people choose to deal with all the difference in the human history. On the contrary, people holding the opinion that they make friends with others because of their differences haven’t realized how distinct their differences are. Besides, their curiosity is result of their innocence. They don’t have any idea of what differences can lead to. Sometimes the difference is not as easy as we think, in which may include irreconcilable antagonism and will never come to an end. A soccer match could lead a couple of people to death, not to say the religious and ethnical difference. In fact, due to the deep-rooted culture and history, many things are doomed not to coexist in the very beginning. Some religious groups believe that killing those who don't believe like them is the right thing to do, such as the fanatical Muslim terrorists, while other Muslims follow their beliefs and leave others to do the same. Besides, those conservatives and liberals conflict with each other from generation to generation. In this case, how can we persuade those people coming from diverse extremes to make friends with each other because of their difference? We should be aware that sometime difference is by no mean funny or interesting, instead, we need to take it seriously without the idea of finding something novelty in it. As I as I am concerned, the only way to make...
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