Topics: Petroleum, Biodiesel, Coconut Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Coco Methyl Ester (CME)/ Biodiesel

You may be perhaps heard several rumors regarding Coco methyl ester (CME) or also recognized as Biodiesel. Biodiesel is a substance that can boost and make your automobile run better. This substance comes from coconut oil and goes through into a procedure called as esterification. It is not come from a typical crude oil, which is normally being imported from different oil-producing nations.

After extorting the coconut oil from copra or dried coconut meat, it is being reacted with methanol and sodium hydroxide or caustic soda as catalyst. This process results into two different unique products known as glycerine and CME or Biodiesel. The glycerine will be extracted and in order to get rid of some impurities of CME, it will be filtered and the moisture will be eliminated as well.

To fulfill and satisfy the consumers as well as passing the Philippines National Standard, the Coco methyl ester/Biodiesel will be tested and go through a quality check and directly stored into storage tank.

Biodiesel could be acknowledged as a new technology, taking into account all the years consumers have had to settle for traditional diesel. Applying biodiesel for your automobile has numerous benefits. Coco Metyl Ester may not ask an engine alteration. Some auto can take welfare of biodiesel without the demand to experience engine alterations. Some combine 20% biodiesel with regular diesel. Doing so enables the automotive vehicle to benefit from the good points of biodiesel without trouble. Biodiesel/Coco Metyl Ester is truly affordable. You can even create biodiesel in your backyard. If your engine can function with biodiesel fuel exclusively, then you really ask not go to the gas station to purchase fuel. You can just make any for your personal use.

Biodiesel/Coco Methyl Ester is of course a practical fuel alternative. Furthermore, it is also a sustainable substance. Make used of biodiesel not simply helps sustain and preserve...
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