Plato's republic book 2 notes

Topics: Plato, Liberalism, Ethics Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: February 28, 2014
City of luxury, continued
we will need a military to protect and satisfy the desires of those who have the drive for honor and inequality and would want this kind of city (eg, Glaucon) thus, the guardian class is introduced

the guardian class needs the:
love of, but not necessarily the possession, of wisdom
thymos (spiritedness)
the drive for recognition; for honor; to be free and not be mastered a drive to overcome and be free from material appetites
Once you allow for the thymotic people - like Glaucon - in the city, you open the great danger of them hurting themselves and others can’t be formed directly through the material appetites, only indirectly, through culture and education Who is responsible for education and culture

we’ll need “noble lies”
not a simple falsehood - “saying x, thinking not x”
rather it’s a verbal falsehood
Socrates’s example is stories of the gods. They are not true, but they aim at the truth in terms of morals and the sense/essence of the story being true eg - god is one, god is omnipotent, etc
What’s the relationship between justice and equality?
equality as arithmetic
each individual is equal to/the same as every other and should be treated the same equality as geometric (proportionate)
recognizes natural differences in people
all people who are characterized by material appetites should be treated equal all thymotic people should be treated equally, etc

386a-392a - psychological qualities of the guardians
392a-401a - Aesthetics and censorship
401a-403c - art and sex
403b-412a - physical education of guardians
412b-end - the myth of the metals
Psychological qualities of the guardians
courage - must prefer death to slavery/defeat
impassivity - no sentimentality
seriousness - no laughter, “sudden glory” - thomas hobbes, glory meaning like in the KJV bible, ascending over others. Also laughter was seen as connected to political satire and in turn, revolution honesty -...
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