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Topics: Liberalism, Right-wing politics, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: December 4, 2012
e LHow far has the coalition government forced the Conversatives and the Liberal Democrats to revise their traditional ideological stances? Before the coalition, the Lib Dems were seen as a left-wing party, and the Conversatives, a right-wing party. However under the coalition government both parties have had to make compromises in order for the coalition to work. I am going to talk about to what extent both parties have had to revise their traditional ideologies. Both parties believe that by being part of the coalition they are fighting for their cause, but this may not be true, with both parties having to make compromises. The Liberal Democrats believe in government action to achieve equality of opportunity for everyone. The government must protect civil liberties, human rights and individual rights. The government is needed only to solve problems, and keep social justice, in order for a strong community with strong values. Whereas Conservatives believe in individual liberty, free markets, and traditional values connected to marriage, morality and family. They believe the role of the government is the provide people the freedom to achieve their potential. Constitutional reform has been a significant issue for the Lib Dems. The Lib Dems and the Conservatives agreed on a figure of 600 MPs in Parliament. Both parties made compromises on their policies, but in reality the number of MPs was closer to what the Tories’ had wanted, to help him win a majority in the Commons than what the Lib Dems hoped for. The Tories had failed to deliver on a commitment made in the coalition agreement. The Lib Dems did hold a referendum on AV, as agreed in the coalition, but the results were not in their favour. Britain rejected AV in the nationwide voting system. The Lib Dems did however succeed in establishing a fixed term for Parliament. There is now a 5 year fixed term Parliament. Lib Dems are also calling for equality in gay marriage. The Conservatives however, suited to their...
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