Q&A: Classical Liberalism and Ronald Reagan's Beliefs in a Small Government

Topics: Conservatism, Ronald Reagan, Liberalism Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: May 12, 2014
Political Ideology

1.What is the difference between "Classical Liberalism" as a concept and being considered a "Liberal" on the U.S. Political Spectrum? Classical Liberalism- Freedom of the individual by limiting the power of the government. It is an ideology within the Democratic Party that tends to be more of a conservative thought. Liberal- Someone who believes in government. The whole Democratic Party used to be considered Liberal. Someone who believes government is a useful tool in solving social and economic problems. Government should be involved in regulating the economy. They believe that government is good for those who fall through the cracks. Liberals are also known as progressives. Political parties are not ideologies. They are political parties that are member driven organizations that adopt ideologies. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party adopt ideologies. The Democratic Party has some Social Democrats, Liberal Democrats, Moderate Democrats and some Conservatives. This reality makes governing difficult for the Democratic Party as well as the Republican because they are always battling what the ideology of the party will be. For example the Health Care Reform Act that was passed by the Democratic Party, their biggest obstacle was not the Republicans; it was from their own party, liberal Centrist Conservative Democrats. Some of the Conservative Democrats (Classic Liberals) who aligned themselves with the Conservatives of the Republican Party. Thus, Liberal would be considered a Political Party and Classic Liberalism would be considered an Ideology of the Democratic Party.

2.Ronald Reagan believed in small government. Based on my lecture, how was his belief somewhat, not entirely, contradictory? Ronald Reagan had established conservative credentials when he became President. He believed in a very small government. The term “Small Government” doesn’t refer to the amount of people employed by the government, it...
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