African Conservatism

Topics: Sociology, Liberalism, Political philosophy Pages: 4 (1484 words) Published: May 23, 2013
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Dear 50 years self,

My 50 year old self, in this letter, I discussing political ideologies I studied in my social theory class 50 years ago, in doing so I compare and contrast two ideologies, (that is liberalism and socialism) with my ideal ideology, called African Conservatism. Included in this discussion are doubts about my ideal ideology, concept or key points that justifies the idealness of my ideology and also some thinkers who contributed to my political ideology. There are so many ideologies in the world. Some of them are pleasing and some are destructive. Some are productive and others are repressive. Some I would like to apply, and some will not apply but they all have one thing in common: they are all just ideas. With so many different and contrasting opinions and perspectives, the problem starts when we begin to use these ideologies to define who we are. When we do so, we immediately make someone else’s point of view wrong. Upon studying these political ideologies, I consider African conservatism to be my ideal political ideology. The influence of this unique ideology of African conservatism is how the African have the desire to conserve cultural heritage, traditions, monuments and indigenous governance. This idea is linked with Edmund Burke’s reflections on the French who place emphasis on respect for tradition, established customs and institutions that have endured the test of time. I fervently believe that tradition reflects the accumulated wisdom of the past, and that institutions and customs which have been tested by time, should all be preserved for the benefit of present and future generations. . An example of this perspective is the annual festivals like the Aboakyir celebrated annually by people of Winneba in the central region of Ghana to mark the migration of the people Winneba from the ancient Western Sudan Empire where they were led by two brothers and a god called Otu (African Guide, 2013). In this way,...

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