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Alternative fuels are fuels that aren't made

from petroleum.
There are much different kind of alternate
fuels that vehicles can use that aren't made
from petroleum

Types of alternate fuels
Solar Energy
Alcohols - ethanol and methanol
Compressed natural gas (CNG) - natural gas

under high pressure
Electricity stored in batteries
Hydrogen (considered a special gas)
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) - natural gas that
is very cold
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) - called
propane, it is hydrocarbon gas

Liquids made from coal - gasoline and diesel

fuel that isn't made from Petroleum
Bio-diesel - diesel fuel made from plant oil or
animal fat
 Liquids made from coal - gasoline and diesel
fuel that isn't made from Petroleum
Bio-diesel - diesel fuel made from plant
oil or animal fat

Bio diesel is a name of clean burning of

alternate fuel.
These fuel is produced from domestic,
renewable resources.
Bio diesel is contains no petroleum, but it can
be blended with any level of conventional
diesel to create a bio diesel blend.

Dr Rudolph Diesel was the

first invention of vegetable
oils used in diesel engine.

Roselle seeds
The concept of the using alternate fuels in the diesel

engines nothing new.
Rudolph Diesel first developed the diesel engine in 1895
with the full intention of funning it on a variety of fuels
including vegetable oil.
 In 1912, Diesel said “The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may see significant today.
 But such oils may become in course of time as important
as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present time.
 The oil crisis in 1973 triggered numerous studies on
natural oils and fats all over the world but really entered
the field only on 2nd August 1990

Roselle seeds

Roselle oils
The plant is widely distributed in tropical regions, especially

in the Middle Eastern countries.
 Roselle is native from India to Malaysia, where it is
commonly cultivated, and must have been carried at an
early date to Africa.
In some parts of Africa, the seeds are reported to be used for its oil..
For this seed oil holding capacity ranged from 3.47 to
The seeds contain 18% oil.
 The oil yields in an expeller nearly 34%-37%. The fresh oil from properly stored seed is yellow in color.

It is a domestic , renewable and alternate

Reduce 80% of co2 emission.
These are lubricant additive.
Lower hydrocarbon emission.
Low carbon monoxide and co2 emission.
Useful in C.I engines.

Flow Chart for Biodiesel Production

Refined Roselle oil
Pre Heating at 100 C

Estirification at 600C





Crude Biodiesel


Bio diesel Engine Performance parameters
compared with diesel engine
Thermal efficiency(higher).
 Brake thermal efficiency(low).
 Mechanical efficiency(low).
 Volumetric efficiency(high).
 Mean Piston speed(low).
 Specific fuel consumption(high).
 Fuel – Air or Air – Fuel ratio(high).

Efficiency’s compare with diesel engines
Over all efficiency is to be decreases in bio

diesel engine compare with diesel engines.

Properties of bio diesel
It has promising lubricating properties and

cetane rating.
The calorific value is about 37.27 Mj/kg.
It is just 9% lower than the petro diesel
The flash point is about >130*c which is
significantly higher then then the petroleum
boiling point.

Reduce maximum amount of pollution

compared with diesel engines.
Cost will be less.
Renewable resources.
Easily prepared of these bio diesel .
These also used for lubricant oil .
Taxes incentive by government.
For every one tonne of bio diesel
manfactured,100kg’s of glycerol as by...
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