Alternative Fuel For Airplanes

Topics: Petroleum, Coal, Methane Pages: 6 (2175 words) Published: February 11, 2014
One of the most significant current discussions in sustainable aviation is alternative fuel for airplane, which is a serious argument; however, big question is that efforts to produce a more sustainable fuel to power aircraft are technically and ethically feasible. This paper going to investigate and show there is no alternative fuel to power aircraft in this time. The fuel using by airplane is fossil fuel, which is Jet A1 by burning this fuel there are impact on the global warming the researcher investigate what is the problem with fossil fuel (Jet A1). As solve the fuel problem there are several alternatives have tested, that some of them are biofuel, Liquid Hydrogen, Fracking for Natural Gas and scher-Tropsch (F-T) fuels from fossil feedstocks. However to fund out the alternative fuel is sustainable .firstly defined term sustainability. There are numerous definitions for the word sustainable. White (2001, p.1) states that sustainability seeks to provide the best outcomes for the human and natural environments both now and into the indefinite future. In addition, Thompson and Sorvig( 2009) in their recent research paper found probably the simplest, widely used definition of sustainability is meeting the needs of today's population with-out diminishing the ability of future populations to meet their needs. The other hand Fresco and Kroonenberg (1992) states that the sustainability of natural ecosystems defined as the dynamic balance between natural inputs and outputs, modified by external events such as climatic change and natural disasters. (Bell and Morse, 2008) the researcher from all research fund out that the sustainability related what is human put the nature has to be try to have balance ever aspect and impact to nature to keep nature for future and what the need for now. Two main grades of turbine fuels are in use for civil commercial aircrafts: Jet A- 1 and Jet A. Another grade of jet fuel called Jet B is wide-cut kerosene (a blend of naphtha and kerosene) that used only in very cold climate conditions. Jet A-l is a kerosene cut suitable for most of turbine engine aircrafts. (Kerosene type), (Parkash, 2010) but as sustainability purpose this fuel has some problem. In the 1990s Air transport the fastest growing mode of travel in the United States. The International Air Transport Association states, jet engines by 2006 were 40 percent more fuel-efficient than they were in the 1960s. Air transport industry may reduce the amount of fuel burned to transport any of the passengers about half of the mid-1970s, but growth in the number of people over the air to save on fuel efficiency. Relationship this is the nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. (Koshel and McAllister, 2010) Biofuel one of the fuels the aviation industry wants to alternative with the jet A1 but Biofuel has some affects environment and social. Biofuel produce from algal biomass. There are a number of bio fuels that can be manufactured directly from algae, including alcohols, alkenes, and hydrogen. (Gouveia, 2011) Loppinet-Serani e al. 2008 state biomass incorporates to any organic materials that are determined from plants or animals. Biomass also includes gases and liquids recovered from the decomposition of no fossilized and biodegradable organic materials. As a source of sustainable and renewable energy, biomass constantly interacting CO2, air, water, soil, and sunlight is composed of plants and animals. After the organism dies, microorganisms break down biomass into basic constituent parts, such as H2O, CO2, and its potential energy. (Basu, 2010) Important environmental matters related with increasing Biofuel productions are greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water use, air and water quality, biodiversity, and human health. The other hand at this time most Biofuel production has based on corn or soybeans as raw materials. The annual Biofuel production requires significant water inputs, plus water for irrigation in some regions, including composts and...
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