Alternative Fuels and Why We Need Them

Topics: Petroleum, Natural gas, 21st century Pages: 2 (280 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Nathan Bloomer
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on alternative fuels and why we need them. Evidence:
1. Brief example:
Fossil fuels are a means to an end which is why millions of dollars are invested into alternative energy. Hinrichs, R. and Kleinbach, M. (2013). Energy Its Use and the Environment Fifth Edition

2. Extended Example: Oil reserves in the US are estimated to have 29 billion barrels of oil. The oil reserve will be depleted in 13.2 years based on the production rate of 6 million barrels per day. Natural gas reserves are estimated to have 12 years until depletion and coal is the most abundant with an estimated 230 years remaining. The alternative fuels we are investing money into research are wind, solar, biomass, nuclear, geothermal, ethanol, and hydroelectric.

3. Statistic:
Since the United states produces 36 percent of the wolrlds production of soybean, biodiesel is a growing alternative. Nersesian, R. L. (2007). Energy for the 21st Century : A Comprehensive Guide to Conventional and Alternative Sources. M.E. Sharpe.

4. Peer Testimony:
“ I agree that in the long term, renewable fuels will likely provide our energy. Finally, I commend you for generally trying to eschew picking the winning technologies. Let engineers and entrepreneurs find the best way of meeting the goals.” Lave, Lester B., “Testimony on Alternative Fuels” (2009). Tepper School of Business. Paper 1128. Http://

5. Expert Testimony:
“Transforming today’s oil dominated transportation system to one running on hydrogen is a daunting challenge, perhaps the most important facing the world today.” Sperling, D. Cannon, J. (2004) Energy Transition: Cutting Carbon from Transprotation Burlington, MA: Academic Press.
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