Alternative Fuels essay

Topics: Petroleum, Coal, Hydroelectricity Pages: 3 (463 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Alternative fuels, also known as non-
renewable sources, are substances that can
be used as fuels, other than conventional
fuels. Conventional fuels include: fossil
fuels (petroleum (oil), coal, propane,
and natural gas), and nuclear materials such
as uranium. [ 1]
The fuels we use now are finite, meaning
they have a limited life expectancy. This
along with the toxic waste they produce has
made environmentalist and government
officials alike take precautionary steps so
that we do not become flummoxed at our
future once they expire.
These alternative fuels, or other wise
referred to as green fuels are the main focus
to the future replacement of the ever reliant
upon fossil fuels. These alternative fuels
include; biodiesel, hydro electric power
(otherwise abbreviated HEP), geothermal
energy/heat, solar energy and nuclear energy.
Consequently they all have their downfalls
which hinder any useful production they may
Alternative fuels have many advantages some
include; their ability to be burnt easily
without producing harmful greenhouse gases
and most importantly cease our huge
dependence on fossil fuels.
Nonetheless at the same time they do also
have some disadvantages; maize, a grass
indigenous to the Mexicans which is used as
food also serves as a biofuel, this causes
many issues ethically as the working class
find this as their main source of food. The
use of maize as a biofuel has indirectly
raised its price, and in this economical
climate it is becoming more and more out of
their reach to feed themselves. Other
disadvantages include their environmental
damage, in HEP the environment of certain
wildlife is ruined therefore causing
environmental damage at the cost of the
sustainability of our fuels and lives. Nuclear
power can be very destructive; the splitting
of a radioactive atom produces great
amounts of energy which we can harbor for
our use. However there are waste products
involved to which if...
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