Analysis 1.1

Topics: Law, 2006 singles, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: July 23, 2014

Analysis 1.1
The history of the right to bear arms, this has been an American tradition since colonist set foot on North American soil. Mass murders have been cause by guns does this mean we should only allow our military to have guns? I believe in the constitution we have the right to bear arms. It was written in the constitution for a reason. Without guns it makes our country weak. I’m not talking about just our military having them I’m talking about citizens not being able to have guns. ​We have the right to bear arms not only because of the constitution but also for our own safety. In many states they have a law set in place for people with guns. Such as Michigan, which is called the “Castle Law”, if an intruder comes into your house and threatens your family you have the right to shoot and kill without punishment. Not only do we need guns for our safety but what if another country comes in and attacks us? We have no experience of this other than Pearl Harbor. Residents of Michigan have more guns than most countries do. I believe this is why most countries are afraid to attack us on our soil. Also the constitution was written not to be changed and was written by some of the smartest people. ​The public believes guns kill people and not people killing people but which one is true? When someone thinks about a gun what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Probably violence. No one usually puts guns with safety as most believe the kill people and that’s it. What most people mistake is guns have no power until you put someone behind it. A gun cannot just make itself go off it requires someone to pull the trigger. So with someone says that gun kills people its really just a false statement as a gun cannot kill someone it’s a tool to help you kill something. There’s a television show called “American Dad” and on there the main character is all for guns. His daughter hates them and says guns kill people so he sets his gun and sets it on the table and...
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