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Competitors’ Profile
The Shell Refining Company (Federation of Malaya) Berhad was formed in 1960 and is a public listed company with 49% public participation.  It operates with state-of-the-art technology and is the key supplier to Shell's Oil Products' businesses in Malaysia. The Company's oil refinery at Port Dickson produces a comprehensive range of petroleum products, most of which are consumed within Malaysia. In 1999 the Company completed its RM 1.4 billion investment in Malaysia's first Long Residue Catalytic Cracking (LRCC), thereby transforming what was a medium-sized simple refinery into a modern complex refinery capable of processing 125 kbpd (thousand barrels per day). The LRCC has quadrupled the refinery's LPG production and doubled its motor gasoline. It has also enabled the refinery to manufacture propylene for the first time - a highly valued feedstock for the petrochemical industry. The LRCC represents an extremely important commitment to this Company's future. Whilst striving for maximum return to our shareholders, we also believe in giving equal attention to caring for our environment and to contributing to social development in our community. We actively encourage and support diverse wealth creation in the community, the development of new skills and expertise and the transfer of new technologies and best business practices to this country. We take pride in being a dependable and trusted participant in community initiatives and a caring and thoughtful neighbour. Shell in Malaysia has been at the forefront of advocating the adoption of sustainable development by all industries in Malaysia. A sustainable future begins with our carefully planned investments today, which ensure that we do not harm our environment and inhibit our children from developing and prospering as we wish to ourselves.

Competitors’ competitive offering
The Shell Refining Company (Federation of Malaya) Berhad has...
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