Analysis of Recruitment and Selection Process

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Chapter: 1

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Objective of the study
1.3 Methodology
1.4 Scopes
1.5 Limitations

1.1 Introduction
Human Resource is a basic need of any work to be done. The internship report is all about recruitment and selection process that is an important part of any organization. Recruitment highlights each applicant’s skills, talents and experience. Their selection involves developing a list of qualified candidates, defining a selection strategy, identifying qualified candidates, thoroughly evaluating qualified candidates and selecting the most qualified candidate. It is said if right person is appointed at right place the half work has been done. In this report I have tried to cover all the important point that should be kept in mind while recruitment and selection process and have conducted a research study through a questionnaire that I got it filled with all the officers of the Padma Oil Company Ltd and tried to find out which methods are used and various other information related to recruitment and selection and tries to come to a conclusion at what time mostly the manpower planning is done , what the various method used for recruiting the candidates and on what basic the selections is done.

1.2 Objectives of the Study
The first objective is to review the training policies followed by POCL. Secondly, measure the role of training on overall organization performance. Finally, find the issues or challenges of the policy and suggest some policy matter for improvement if necessary.

* Descriptive Research
It is a Descriptive research which includes surveys and fact- finding enquiries of recruitment methodology of officers of POCL. Descriptive research can be either quantitative or qualitative. In this report quantitative information is involved. The major purposes of this report are to review the existing process of recruiting & selecting employees, to measure the efficiency of the process, to suggest changes in the process if necessary.

* Sample Design
In this internship program, Padma Oil Company Limited, Head Office, Chittagong has been selected to carry out the study. There are two units used for sampling design. The primary Unit was all departments’ Officers of POCL and Secondary unit was Officers of P & A department of POCL. There are 82 officers in the head office from which 60 officers were asked to fill up questionnaire of the Head Office of POCL.

* Selection of variables
I have included the policies and guidelines used in Recruiting & selecting officers for POCL in conducting the study.

* Data Collection
Internship program has basically been executed by getting information from circulars of Padma Oil Company Ltd, Annual Report of POCL, journals, books, periodicals etc. I have also conducted a primary survey applying questionnaire method for collecting the necessary data from the officers. The relevant data is to be collected from the primary sources and also use the secondary sources information.

1. Primary Data are collected from:
* Face to face conversation with employees to fill up the questionnaire * Observation in the organization.
* Practical deskwork.
2. Secondary Data collection from:
* Annual report of POCL
* Human Resource Management books
* Different printed documents
* Web site of Padma Oil Company limited, Bangladesh. * Circulars for recruitment

* Data Analysis
Statistical tools are used during data analysis. Various graphs also make this report more informative, useful and purposeful.

1.4 Scopes
The topic “Recruitment and Selection: A study on Padma Oil Company Ltd” was assigned by the department of business administration of International Islamic University Chittagong. The required information has been collected from POCL. So I have got available sources to collect...
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