Analysis of Social Movements in the Egyptian Revolution

Topics: Social movement, Anarchism, Egypt Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: June 1, 2011
The Egyptian Revolution can undoubtedly be considered one of the significant events of the 2011. However, even after three months since the 18-day revolution, people are still unable to determine whether or not this revolution will bring about positive amends to Egyptian society. Having said that, the Egyptian Revolution has shown to be a convenience to many sociologists, as it offers a promising case study on social movements. Throughout this three-month revolution aftermath, it has become clear that the January 25th Revolution has brought about symptoms of virtually all sorts of social movements. In the typical sociological perspective, social movements are collective efforts to bring about social or political change. Characteristics of a social movement include it being goal-oriented, having a unified ideology, and having an organized, sometimes bureaucratic, system. Social movements can be characterized by the type of change they promote. There are six major types of social movements: expressive social movements, progressive social movements, resistant social movements, reformative social movements, revolutionary social movements, and utopian social movements.

Expressive social movements attempt to change individuals, rather then directly trying to change institutions or laws. Evangelical groups and Alcoholic Anonymous groups offer examples. Members of such movements believe that because institutions are people-created, they can only be changed by changes in people. Progressive social movements attempt to improve society by making positive changes in institutions and organizations. The Labor Movement and Civil Rights Movement exemplify progressive social movements. Resistance movements, rather than advocating change, seek to hold it back and keep the status quo. For instance, an example of this type of movement is the anti-gun control movement. Reformative social movements attempt to make a major change to some aspect of society or politics in general....
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