Anarchy vs. Autocracy

Topics: National security, Rights, Liberty Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Anarchy v. Autocracy

Liberty vs. Security; both are seemingly broad terms, but due to current events, circumstances have occured resulting in an infringement on liberty because of issues regarding national security thus, creating problems for citizens and politicians alike. Liberty is best defined as a concept that identifies the condition in which an individual has the right to act according to his/her free will[1]. Security is the degree of protection from danger, loss, or criminals[2]. The problem lies in that there are many different views on what the government’s role on the proper balance between the two should be. The proper balance between liberty and security is an equilibrium unless in specific events or time periods where the rules are determined by all registered voters.

The government does reserve the right to create equal proportions of liberty and security for their citizens. Many people claim that the United States government is overstepping their rights by taking away some of our liberties to provide security for us. Even though they have a valid point, this statement is purely incorrect. In the US Constitution, the founding fathers created articles and amendments to protect us and our liberties. For example, in Article I, Section 8, it says that “Congress shall have power to…provide for the common defense,” and it also goes into detail about allowing for an army to protect the states. Also written in the document are rules about allowing the three branches of government, judicial, legislative and executive, to create rules concerning the well-being of the country and the people. By going against the wishes of the founding fathers, we could easily become anarchy. In Document A, Benjamin Franklin writes that people who would give up liberty for temporary safety deserve neither. On the contrary, if safety isn’t provided for our citizens then liberty may not exist. To explain this, the example of the anarchic situations in African states can...
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