Ann Hulbert's "Beyond the Pleasure Principle" Analysis

Topics: Barack Obama, Political party, Democratic Party Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: December 27, 2014
Zach Stewart
Professor Koesjan
English 1301
16 December 2014
The Crossroads Generation
In Ann Hulbert's "Beyond the Pleasure Principle", she outlines the Millennial Generation and some of the qualities that set this unique generation apart from the rest of the generations. The Millennial Generation is at one of the greatest social crossroads in our history as a country, as political ideology divides the nation like no time ever before. We as a generation are growing up in a time when political ideology threatens to gridlock the country; A time where media outlets spin and manufacture the news to suit one political ideology or the other; A time in which multiple social issues are being pushed to the forefront of political platforms. This is the setting for my generation and the influence that it has on us. I am the Millennial Generation. Ann Hulbert shows us “the dichotomy the Millennials pose with policy issues that ostensibly eradicate any strictly "red" or "blue" label”. By this she means that ideologies that were traditionally strictly related to conservative or liberal ideology now become shared ideologies under the Millennial Generation. The Millennial Generation leans strongly towards the pro-life ideology under the issue of abortion, but then also leans strongly towards equal marriage on the gay rights issue. Why would a generation side with one political party on one issue and then reverse their party affiliation on another issue? In my opinion the Millennials are the social rights generation, even more so then the generation that led women’s rights in the 1920s or the generation that led civil rights in the 1960s. The Millennials are not only looking at the human rights of one group of individuals, but humanity as a whole. Women’s rights, African American rights, Latino rights, gay & lesbian rights, privacy rights, and minority group’s rights, the Millennial Generation is tackling all of these issues all at once. Women’s rights were legislatively...
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