Answer the Questions Below, Typed, in Proper English, with Proper Sentence Structure. Submit Your Paper by Email to the Assignment List in the Student Portal Before the Start of the Week Three Class. There Is No Minimum

Topics: Human rights, Rights, Law Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Chapters 1,2; due in week 3
Answer the questions below, typed, in proper English, with proper sentence structure. Submit your paper by email to the Assignment List in the Student Portal before the start of the week three class. There is no minimum word requirement; however, every response must be fully explained, be thorough, show critical thinking abilities, and show understanding of the legal and ethical issues in each scenario. Mr. Farmer is a national of the Banana Republic. Until the last revolution, he was living in very comfortable circumstances on a large plantation he owned employing hundreds of workers. Following the revolution, the new revolutionary government seized his plantation and he fled the country to avoid arrest. He is now an exile in a large northern country called Wealthia. He has brought suit in one of Wealthia’s courts against the Bank of the Banana Republic, which now has title to his plantation, to obtain compensation for the property taken from him. Wealthia has a law identical to the US Aliens Tort Claim Act that allows courts to assume jurisdiction in disputes between individuals and foreign countries when a violation of an international tort has been alleged. 1Can Mr. Farmer file the lawsuit in one of Wealthia’s courts? Explain you answer. Yes he can, because Banana Republic violated his human rights. The tort allows Wealthia to hear human rights issues when they have occurred in a place who does not have the ideal court. An ideal court would be one who supports things such as human right . Natural Rights state that all humans have a right to a voice in their own government .Clearly Mr. Farmer did not have a voice, because he had to flea his country even though they wrongfully took his land. Additionally , Taking away Mr. Farmers Plantation was in direct violation of The Right of property which is also considered a natural right . (Natural rights )
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