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Topics: Petroleum, Alaska, Eskimo Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: May 9, 2013
A farmer has a fertile patch of land, but doesn’t plant anything on it because he’s afraid he will scare the bugs. Does that make sense? Answer: no. The question whether or not to drill for oil in Alaska’s wilderness, because the pipe line is so close to ANWR, is one that creates a lot of controversy. ANWR is a giant area in Alaska that is preserved for the animals and many people don’t want to disturb them. Congress should allow oil drilling in ANWR because it will benefit the U.S. economy, it will not disturb the environment, and it will not disturb the Eskimos that are living there.

Drilling in ANWR will help the economy greatly. Federal revenues would be enhanced by billions of dollars. Estimates for ANWR for the first five years after congressional approval are 4.2 billion dollars. Between 250,000 and 750,000 ANWR jobs would be created. In 2004 the US imported an average of 58% of its oil and during certain months up to 64%. That is about $150 billion in oil imports (Doc B). Seeing these facts, it would be hard not to think that drilling would be incredible to the economy.

The environment would not be harmed while drilling. Only 8% of ANWR would be considered for exploration. That is 1.5 million acres. The remaining 17.5 million acres will remain permanently closed. Even if they discover more oil, less than 2000 acres of the 1.5 million acres would be affected (Doc B). The Eskimos believe the oil industry has made good on its promise to preserve the environment (Doc D). With that said, the oil industry would continue to do so, while only using a small porting of the land to drill for oil. The Eskimos rely on the well-being of their economy, Jacob Adams said so himself (native Eskimo). Drilling for oil in ANWR would not disturb the Eskimos. The Eskimos believe that, that part of the land is critical for strategic recourses. They think that delays in the development deprive them of the benefits from their land. The Inupiat Eskimo people are the...
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