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Critical Reading Assignment #1
Aristotle: Democracy and Oligarchy
7Q. Who can vote in Aristotle’s democracy?
7A. According to Aristotle’s democracy, anyone can vote as long as they are citizens. Being a citizen means someone who is actively involved in politics. These citizens must participate in the government or household but they cannot do any other work besides that. They must also have some wealth and there should be a hierarchy because they are more educated and would know what to do in politics. Poor people should not be allowed citizenship to vote because they would be too busy working to devote enough time to education and self-improve themselves. They would not understand or know what to do in politics. Alexis De Tocqueville: Government by Democracy in America

Q6. Is Tocqueville correct when he says "Whatever one does, it is impossible to raise the intelligence of a nation above a certain level" (para.9) What are his concerns about education in the 1830s? A6. Tocqueville is right when he says “whatever one does, it is impossible to raise the intelligence of a nation above a certain level” in that whatever tools we give people, it is up to them to want to use them and improve themselves. In order to do so, they should only focus on that one task and nothing else. Unfortunately, not everyone is wealthy and therefore many of these people have to worry about surviving their daily lives and cannot focus on more things. Not everyone has the time or desire to want to do anything else. Therefore, the nation’s intelligence cannot go about a certain level because not everyone is at the same level. Tocqueville’s concerns about education in the 1830s are that everyone has a right to vote but not everyone has the proper education to do so. The poor might be more interested in the welfare of the country than the wealthy but they do not have the skill to judge who is right or wrong for the position and the issues being presented because of their lack of...
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