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Topics: Petroleum, Petroleum industry, Oil field Pages: 2 (1021 words) Published: February 25, 2015

Number each of the paragraphs (1, 2, 3, etc.)
Label where the introduction of the story ends: “Introduction ends.” Circle that chunk. Circle the thesis of the story. LABEL IT: “MAIN CLAIM/THESIS” Chunk the rest of the story according to the topics of the groups of paragraphs. Identify the main idea or claim in each of the chunks. Write in the left margin: “Argument/Claim: _____________” Circle “key terms” (words/phrases that are defined and/or repeated in the text multiple times). Label: “KEY TERM.”

Highlight or underline unfamiliar words. Underline sections of the sentence or nearby sentences that help you understand the words’ meanings. Look up definitions, if necessary. Circle the names of sources in the article. Consider: who are they? Why are they quoted? In the right margin, discuss what the author is doing, ask questions, make comments. Write your one-page reflection, due at the beginning of class Friday. TAG! Integrate a quotation! 

Plunging oil prices choke off boom in Bakersfield 
By Tiffany Hsu / The Los Angeles Times / Jan. 29, 2015 Each year, the American Assn. of Drilling Engineers hosts a meeting here affectionately called the Liar's Club.
A cocktail-fueled crowd hears oil companies' well-drilling and production forecasts — estimates often so grandiose everyone understands they are exaggerations. Pledges to drill thousands of wells are common.

But at this month's meeting, no one felt like telling tall tales. Fewer than 10 wells were promised, all by small, independent companies. Giant firms — Chevron, Occidental — promised nothing, said Dave Rippy, general manager of Bakersfield Drilling Consultants, who has attended for two decades.

"I've never seen anything like it," he said. "It was very somber, very eerie." Plunging oil prices worldwide are landing hard in Bakersfield, choking off the boom of recent years in one of America's great oil towns.

Since June,...
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