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Why did the Left Republican government April 1931-November 1933 fail?

There are many reasons why the left republican government failed in this essay I will attempt to outline some of the key factors involved with the fall of the left republican government. During its time the second republic was facing increased opposition those from both the left and right of parliament, 5 Unit 1: Spain 1931 – 75 Revision Booklet by NJD Lady Hawkins’ School THE SECOND REPUBLIC, 1931-36: A Disunited Republic.

APRIL 1931
Left-wing (republicans and Socialists)
 Azana reforms:
 Agrarian Law (1932) – unworked estates would be divided up amongst peasants.  Anti-clericalism – Church and State separated, no religious education in schools, divorce legalised.  Army – compulsory retirement of40% of officers.

 Catalans given Home Rule.
 Sanjurjo (Army) Rising 1932- Army discontent with Home Rule to Catalans/ Basques and Army reforms.  Anarchist uprisings crushed by Azana using Civil/ Assault Guard.  Agrarian reforms didn’t do enough for many – an aspirin to cure appendicitis. Drives landowners into supporting right-wing parties.  Anti-Church forms sparked Church burnings. Right-wing fear.  Threat of revolution, frustration at limited reforms and use of repression alienated Right and Left. NOVEMBER 1933

Right wing conservative coalition (Popular Action). Main group = CEDA (led by Gil Robles) Catholic Conservative coalition party sought move towards authoritarianism by destroying democracy from within.  Reverse Azana’s reforms:

 Salaries of priests restored and freedom of action of landowners.  Catalan’s autonomy suspended.
 Bienio Negro.
 Socialists shifted further to Left – more revolutionary and were frustrated by ‘bourgeois’ Republic.  Left wing strikes in response to CEDA entering gov. – Asturias Rising. Republic crushed rising....
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