Atmospheric Issues

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Atmospheric Issues
Kendele Sitter
Maria West

As you all know, recently one of the largest employers in Sparksville decided to outsource all of their manufacturing needs to South Korea and closed down all of their US facilities, including Sparksville. This has left Sparksville in a desperate situation and out city government has been working tirelessly to attract new companies to our area. We are pleased to announce that Sparksville is now considering three different companies that want to open production facilities in our town. The first is a warehouse distribution center, the second is a car manufacturing plant, and the third is an oil refinery.

The moving of this large manufacturing plant has left people without jobs and has taken a toll on the tourism and profit coming into Sparksville. As mayor, it was important that I looked at each of the three different proposals with depth. I took each proposal and looked at how it would affect air pollution, economic sustainability, water pollution, tourism, and even traffic on the Sparksville roads.

The first proposal I look at was the Direct 2 U Furniture’s distribution center. This is basically just a big building with lots of garages and a parking lot. There is minimal environmental impact within the building itself, but there will be numerous trucks that will go to and from the warehouse on a regular basis. They will be transporting good to and from the distribution center. Even with the continuous operation of the trucks to and from the warehouse, there should be no measurable impact on the water supply in Sparksville. However, the trucks being used at Direct 2 U Furniture in the day to day operations could pose a substantial threat to the air quality around Sparksville. The trucks that will be used at the warehouse are going to be large delivery trucks and even larger 18 wheelers or more diesel trucks that are known for being heavy polluters in comparison to...

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