Australian Political Essay 2013

Topics: Australia, Public transport, Liberalism Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: March 26, 2013
“Election Time – who will I vote for?”

I strongly support the WA Liberal Party. Liberals will improve Western Australia’s border security, more efficient public transport systems, financial security with their policies on mining and a better education system for our state.

There are too many people coming to Australia illegally and the “boat people” need to be stopped. They need to wait their turn and get into Australia the right way because they’re jumping the queue. Australia has a certain number of people allowed into the country each year. Liberal said that they will ban detention centres in Western Australia, which will stop the growing population of illegal immigrants in Western Australia which will save the WA tax payer. The last time Federal Liberals were in power this policy was very successful. Their policy was called The Pacific Solution. They removed Christmas Island as a port of entry to Australia and they introduced temporary protection visas. This made entering Australia very difficult this made illegal entry almost impossible and the boats stopped! Illegal arrivals dropped from a total of 5516 in 2001 to only 1 arrival of all of 2002 of application of the policy. The low level of boat arrivals continued whilst the Pacific Solution was introduced. Since Labour came to power and removed the Pacific Solution policy there has been a sharp increase in the arrivals of “boat people”., with over 2700 boats arriving in 2009 alone. Western Australia is at the forefront of the asylum seeker issue. Most of those seeking asylum by boat arrive off the Western Australian coast and we host about a quarter of Australian mainland asylum seekers

The Liberal-led Government released a Draft Transport Plan, which predicts that by the year 2031 Perth’s public transport system will carry more than twice as many people as it does now. Liberals Public Transport in Perth in 2031 Plan outlines a strategy to increase the capacity and efficiency of the current...
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