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Topics: Conservatism, Democracy, Liberalism Pages: 4 (1339 words) Published: September 24, 2013

The Liberal Life
I am a pure liberal who will likely vote for Democratic party candidates in upcoming elections. There are many types of political views that people have that are extremely different from each other as well as very similar. Two groups people would be the pure liberals and the pure conservatives. The pure liberals are the ones who want more government action in economic issues, but less government action in social issues. Pure conservatives are the people that want less government action in economic issues, but more government action in social cases. I fall under the pure liberal side because of the way I view those different issues. Although i am a liberal, in some cases i would side with the conservatives depending on the topic.

On economic issues, I find myself to be more of a liberal than a conservative. Many issues fall under this category including Health insurance. As an American I think its a duty for the government to provide this type of insurance for all citizens. There are many people that cannot afford health insurance, therefore helping them out is the right thing to do. Health Insurance makes sure people get the care they need to have a safe future. Another big example would be Social Security and Medicare. These are so important in a country like ours. Social Security and Medicare helps the elderly, middle-aged, young, disabled, etc. People who retire need something to protect them so they can keep earning an income. Young teenage workers need a system to help them after getting fired from a job. I strongly believe that the government has to provide citizens with this type of care because a lot of people don’t make a steady income. My beliefs have come from many different sources. My grandpa was a republican but had many democratic views. Those views stuck with me throughout my life. My parents are more moderate so they agree with both sides sometimes and so I learned a lot from them. Economic issues are the most...
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