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The Department of Energy (DOE) told the public to brace the continued rise of international oil price, which is among the local oil company point of reference of adjusting their pump prise ( because of its domino effects; basic commodities are also affected like public utility venid-minimum fair and other products.

Their rising costs of fuels in the environment are the reasons for the need and discovery of biodiesel. Biodiesel are basically a fuel that is used as an alternative fuel. This is made using renewable resources like vegetable oil and animal fats. Sweet Potatoes (Ipomea Batatas) are being engineered by North Carolina State University. Scientist are source of ethanol to help the U.S. in their need of fuel. This is the reasons why the researchers decided to make biodiesel out of sweet potato (ipomea batatas) peel to test its feasibility in producing ethanol.

General problem
1. How much sweet potato peel is needed to produced certain amount of biodiesel 2. Does the biodiesel out of sweet potato (Ipomea Batatas) peel can initiate burning process 3. What is the quality of smoke produce in biodiesel



General Hypothesis

Null: The sweet potato (Ipomea Batatas) peel is not feasible to produce biodiesel Alternative: The sweet potato (Ipomea Batatas) peel is feasible to produce biodiesel

Specific Hypothesis
® There is no specific amount of sweet potato peel that could be used to produce ethanol. ® There is a specific amount of sweet potato peel that could be used to produce ethanol. ® The ethanol out of sweet potato peel cannot initiate burning process. ® The ethanol out of sweet potato peel can initiate burning process.


Scope and Limitation
The researchers focus in the study of biodiesel production out of sweet potato peel. Fermentation was the...
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