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Dry cell (Leclanche cell):
Lithium Cell:

Refer to original
Refer to original
Cost and practicality
The dry cell battery is relatively inexpensive
easy to manufacture
easy to replace a dry cell even though they are non-rechargeable short shelf life
acidic paste leaking out through cracks and corrode other components of the cell. The voltage also falls during use as the electrolyte concentration decreases Lithium batteries are more expensive than other battery types rechargeable lithium cells such as lithium ion cells are more expensive then on-rechargeable lithium cells small and light weight with a high voltage for their small size operates in a wide temperature range and is rechargeable

suitable for a wide range of uses in a wide range of environments appliance such as mobile phones and laptop computers that require larger amounts of power and require recharging. Lithium ion batteries are also low maintenance and have no memory effect cell is fragile and requires a protective circuit to limit peak voltages and has long recharge times. Impact on society

first portable battery
used in wide range of appliance such as torches and calculators acidic paste that can leak from the cells can cause injury to people dry cell cannot be used for appliances that require a high energy output use in devices that require a higher power output and recharging Because of the development of this battery that is most suitable for these devices they have been able to enter into widespread use. Environmental Impact

weakly acidic and non-toxic which means there is little environmental impact disposed of properly in dumps then the wider environment will remain unaffected relatively environmentally friendly as no free lithium metal is present. little need to frequently dispose of these batteries as they are rechargeable collection points so that the batteries can be safely disposed of; little impact on the wider environment

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