Being Liberal

Topics: Human rights, Liberalism, Crime Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: November 13, 2013
In a nation with such polar political stances and opinions, I typically view myself as a liberal-leaning member of society. As a liberal, I value the rights of the individual, and the freedoms that we are born with. I take into consideration that opportunity and equality for all is an important idea that should be stressed in our society and should be carried out by our government. I also feel that it is the role of the government to eliminate social problems and protect the natural rights of each individual. I stand on the ground of eliminating the death penalty, enforcing pro-choice decisions, and accepting that Global Warming/ Climate Change is a direct result of poor human decisions and consumptions, along with many other liberal ideas. Eliminating the death penalty is a liberal stance that I feel is very important and should be implemented. Forcing someone to their death for committing a crime is something that is completely inhumane and should not be allowed. There have been multiple cases in history where an innocent person has been killed due to the death penalty, and later on was proven innocent. In these cases, it is too late to take back the repercussions. Besides the fact that there is always the chance someone proven guilty and sentenced to death is innocent, there is also the factor that killing a human being can be considered “cruel and unusual punishment.” Cruel and unusual punishment is forbidden in the United States, as claimed in the Eighth Amendment, and should therefore be completely outlawed. Imprisonment is an appropriate punishment for a crime, no matter how harsh it may be. A life long sentence in prison can be just as brutal of a punishment as a life sentenced to death, and therefore there is so need to take away the natural rights of Americans by killing them for the crimes they committed. As a liberal, I enforce the rights of the individual, and I feel that it is every person’s right to be protected under our...
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