Topics: Petroleum, Natural gas, Solar power Pages: 11 (320 words) Published: April 27, 2015
By: Anna DeHart

About BP

“BP is one of the worlds leading international oil and gas companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation , energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemical products for everyday items”

In 1908 oil was found in a rugged part of Persia after a long search. Things we do are:
• Find oil and natural gas
• Extract it from hard to reach places
• Move it to sea or land
• Make what is needed from it
• Generate low carbon power
• Build construction facilities

Products and Services
For The Home
• Solar Powered Energy
• Liquefied Gas
For Businesses
• BP Crudes
• BP Shipping
• Gas and Fuel Cards
• Solar power for your business

Future Plans
• It has the “potential to deliver economic, sustainable, and scalable biodiesel supplies” (BP,2011)
• Joint Development with Martek Biosciences Corporation
• Aiming to create Sugar to diesel technology.

• Safely and reliably finding new reserves of energy isn’t the whole story. Taking the resource to market is just as challenging, just as important and just as safety-critical.
• BP Shipping ensures that our carriers meet the highest safety standards and energy transportation is the focus for continuous improvement. (BP, Corporate Website)

Future Operations
• Stricter operations in the future
• A 6 point plan including Control of Work and Integrity Management Standards.(BP, 2011)
• To Develop A Operating Management System

Legal Issues
• Oil Spill makes BP loose Brand Reputation
• Investigation was immediately done after the aftermath.
• Internally
• Externally

• $3.2 Million Barrels of oil equivalent per day
• 6.0% Ordinary shareholders annual dividend yield
• $32.8bn Operating cash flow

Finance And The Oil Spill
• Fines up to $17.6bn
• 4,1 Million barrels spilt
• Compensation up to $34 Million
• Shares rise within the company

• BP still on the rise
• Better training
• More Jobs
• Making sure another oil spill doesn’t occur.

• BP (2011)
• BP Corporate Website n.d. Biofuels for the future, Making biodiesel from sugars , [online] Available from : http://bp.com

References: • BP (2011)
• BP Corporate Website n.d. Biofuels for the future, Making biodiesel
from sugars , [online] Available from : http://bp.com
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