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Brief history2
Activities of BP3
1.0Exploration and production3
1.1Refining and Marketing3
1.2Alternative Energy3
1.3Products and Services3
1.4On The Road3
1.5For The Home4
1.6For Business4
Pestle Analysis on BP4
2.0Political Influences4
2.1Economical Influences5
2.2Social Influences5
2.3Technological factors5
2.4Environmental Influences6
2.5Legal factors6
BP SWOT Analysis6
Porter’s five forces for BP’s7
4.0Threats of New Entrants7
4.1Buyer’s Power7
4.2Supplier Power8
4.3Threat of Substitutes8
5.0The profitability9
5.1The liquidity and efficiency10
5.2The shareholders and long term solvency10

The purpose of this report is to attract potential investors who may want to invest into BP. Following the oil spillage of the Gulf of Mexico, BP was labelled badly, when the incident happened in 2010, not only was clean water effected in south America, many businesses around the scene became stagnant, and this lead them into huge debts, as many lawsuits were filed against them because of this, in fact Mr Hayward who was their CEO had to resign has a pledge to the public eye. However it must be stressed that this BP is worth investing in despite the fact that they are recovering from such events. BP are equipped with the most experienced staff, dealing with the latest technology in alternative energy, “advanced technologies that will unlock the commercial potential of next generation of biofuels”, (report, 2012, p. 78) they have been in business for many years now and are one of the first companies to invest into renewable energy and hydrocarbons too.

Brief history
BP, started business in the late 20th century dealing in the production of gas and crude oil, as well as marketing and trading with natural gas and liquids and other fossil fuels needed to fuel the economy needs of the world. The Anglo-Persian Oil Company in 1901 was funded by William D’Arcy his investment enabled George Reynolds who was an explorer to be the first to successfully drill for oil in Persia. After a lot of deliberation the firm adopted the British Petroleum (BP), this followed after the collapse of a German business whom were formally in charge of the marketing system, “Anglo-Persian acquired not only a major marketing system, but also what would subsequently prove a most useful name.” (Yergin, 2008, p. 158) Despite the events of the horizon spillage, it is still a renowned oil and gas company, which serves billions of people in more than 100 nations, globally. Moreover the market of alternative energy is currently developing, however, it’s not as profitable as oil, but it is a good future investment with the recently raising environmental concerns, of global warming caused from greenhouse gas emissions. BP recognized this on time and entered the solar market in the year of 1973

Activities of BP
BP has a variety of activities ranging from exploration and production, refining and marketing and alternative energy and many more.

Exploration and production
BP is one of the major employer in the oil and gas industry. BP have mineral rights in over 30 countries and employs over 20,000 staffs, through exploration and production within the stations. (report, 2012)

Refining and Marketing
This task is divided with the supply and trading, refining, marketing and shipment of oil and gas. (report, 2012)

Alternative Energy
BP have invested a lot in clean energy, this is called renewable energy that is safer to the environment, and most of it advertising campaign, lately, have been focused on this. These alternative energy sources include: solar power, wind, hydrogen and natural gas power. (report, 2012)...

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