Bp Oil

Topics: Petroleum, Management, Oil spill Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: December 22, 2012
BP Oil
Madeline O’Hara
MGT 2037 S03
Instructor Azadegan
South University Online
December 14, 2012

I have chosen to research the management of a large company called BP Oil. This company is one of the world’s largest and is involved in all aspects of oil and gas industry. British Petroleum operates in many countries and has had to go through many incidents which cause controversy. These controversies make it a highly interesting company to research when it comes to the forms of management and how they have evolved over time and through the oil spills and mergers. Three key concepts that can help in explaining how the management of this company works are the management skills, style of management, and how these skills and styles are implemented. Each of these concepts influences how well a manager, or management team is able to keep the wheels of the company turning.

BP runs on the management style of systems thinking, in my opinion. It has many sectors in all areas of the world, each of which is needed to run properly and smoothly in order for the company to function appropriately and stay out of the negative spotlight. Recently, BP appointed H. Lamar Kay as the new chief of production. As the former chairman of BP America, McKay possesses the skill to be a great chief of production. “As head of BP America, Mr. McKay, 53, has been overseeing the oil company’s restoration work on the gulf coast. Mr. McKay, who is already a member of BP’s executive management team, will move to London from Houston.” (Werdigier, 2012) In 2010 the Gulfport oil spill was a big deal for BP, as it was the largest oil spill to ever occur. The prior chief of production began the movement towards a centralized system of management and stricter safety after this happened. Apparently this is not the direction BP wanted to take as they determined McKay was a better fit for this management position.

A man in the position of McKay must show certain skills in order to maintain his...

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