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Sustainability Review 2010

2 A letter from our group chief executive / 4 How BP is changing 6 Gulf of Mexico oil spill / 14 How we operate / 22 Energy future 30 Safety / 34 Environment / 38 Society

Within hours of the Deepwater Horizon accident, BP teams were working to stop the leak. We also acted to minimize the spill’s impact on the environment by containing, removing and dispersing oil offshore, protecting the shoreline and cleaning up oil that came ashore. And we worked with wildlife groups to develop rescue and rehabilitation programmes for turtles, birds and other species. www.bp.com/ gulfofmexico/inpictures

What’s inside?
We recognize that the events of 2010 have impacted many people, from local communities and businesses in the Gulf Coast region to our customers, colleagues, partners and shareholders around the world. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to everyone affected by what we do and how we do it – not just in the Gulf of Mexico, but wherever we operate. And not just this year, but every year. In this Sustainability Review, we look at what that sense of responsibility means in practice. We discuss how the accident and oil spill are shaping how we do business, and the changes we are making to our portfolio and organization. Our website plays an integral part in our sustainability reporting, covering a wider set of issues and reporting on them in more depth. The website includes detailed information about our environmental and safety performance, as well as case studies that demonstrate our sustainability efforts in action. Full sustainability reporting bp.com/sustainability

22 IFC

This is BP
Our strategy and key performance data


A letter from our group chief executive
Bob Dudley reflects on the events of 2010, and how we’re working to earn back the trust of all our stakeholders


How BP is changing
Making BP a safer, stronger, more valuable and more sustainable company


Gulf of Mexico oil spill
The Deepwater Horizon accident, our response and our environmental and socio-economic commitments in the region


How we operate
Governance from board to operational level; our values and code of conduct; human rights; and stakeholder engagement

Energy future
Meeting the demand for secure, affordable energy that enables economies to prosper and grow – while avoiding climate change


A systematic approach to safety group-wide; our safety record in the US; and how we aim to prevent oil spills, accidents and fatalities


Managing our environmental impacts from project start to finish; a local focus on issues, including water management; and how we respond to oil spills


Working to provide a positive socio-economic impact in the countries where we operate; and fighting corruption


Our approach to reporting
Tackling sustainability issues in print and online

42 Front cover image Skimmer engaged in clean-up operations in the Gulf of Mexico, US

Assurance statement
Ernst & Young’s conclusions about BP’s reporting

BP Sustainability Review 2010 1

This is BP
For the year ended 31 December 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Safety Fatalities – employees Fatalities – contractors Day away from work cases – workforce Day away from work case frequency (DAFWCF)b – workforce Recordable injuries – workforce Recordable injury frequency (RIF)b – workforce Hours worked – employees (million hours) Hours worked – contractors (million hours) Total number of losses of primary containment Number of oil spills – loss of primary containmentc Environment Number of oil spills – to land and waterc Volume of oil spilled (million litres) Volume of oil unrecovered (million litres) Direct carbon dioxide (CO2)e (million tonnes (Mte)) Indirect carbon dioxide (CO2)g (Mte) Direct methanee (Mte) Direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissionse (Mte CO2 equivalent (CO2e)) Flaring (E&P) (thousand tonnes (kte)...
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