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Oil sands
Issue briefing

Oil sands
Issue briefing

How we operate
BP recognizes that we need to produce
energy responsibly – minimizing impacts to
people, communities and the environment.

BP’s systems of governance, management
and operation are designed to help us
conduct our business while respecting
safety, environmental, social and financial
Across all BP international operations,
established practices support the
management of potential environmental and
social impacts from projects and operations.
These practices cover projects from
pre-appraisal stage through to operations;
and reinforce BP’s values, responsibilities
and local regulatory requirements.
BP’s operating management system
integrates BP requirements on health, safety,
security, environmental and operational
reliability, as well as maintenance, contractor
relations, compliance and organizational
learning into a common system.

About BP in Canada
BP Canada is the Canadian subsidiary
of the BP p.l.c. group of companies.
Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, we
are active in Alberta and the Northwest
Territories, while our marketing and trading
activities span the nation and expand into
the US.
BP’s Canadian Arctic exploration
activities are operated through BP
Exploration Operating Company
Limited (BPEOC).

For more information

For more information

Cover image
View of camp on BP’s Terre de
Grace lease in Alberta, Canada.

Oil sands
Issue briefing


The need for Canada’s oil sands
The world’s population is projected to increase
by 1.4 billion over the next 20 years, while its
real income is likely to grow by 100% over the
same period.
This combination of factors is expected to
increase the world’s primary energy
consumption by as much as 40%1 over the
next 20 years, with a large portion of the
growth coming from developing economies.
The energy challenge
The energy challenge facing policymakers
and our industry is how to fuel the global
economy and address concerns about
energy security while reducing the amount
of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse
gases being emitted.
This challenge is global and complex,
involving many difficult energy decisions.
It links geopolitical concerns with
environmental trends and the energy needs
of people everywhere.
We believe the global energy challenge
can only be met through a diverse mix of
fuels and technologies. This is why BP’s
portfolio includes oil sands, shale gas,
deepwater production and alternative
energies such as biofuels and wind power.
Beyond simply meeting growth in overall
demand, a diverse mix can help to provide
enhanced national and global energy security
while supporting the transition to a lowercarbon economy.
Canada’s oil sands play a key part in our
strategy to meet global energy demands and
tie in with our business strategy to invest in
exploration and production profitably through
a portfolio of high-quality assets in the
world’s most prolific hydrocarbon basins.

Industry has been
extracting oil from
Canada’s oil sands
since 1967.
Canada’s resources
Canada’s oil sands have the third-largest
proven crude oil reserve in the world, after
Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
Mainly located in the province of
Alberta, the oil sands are a natural mixture
of sand, water, clay and bitumen. They are
found at varying depths and in some cases
are directly exposed to the surface. There
are two methods of extracting this resource
– in situ recovery and surface mining.
A key method of in situ recovery is
steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD),
which involves pumping steam into the
reservoir through a horizontal well to heat
and make the bitumen fluid. The bitumen
and water mix then flows underground to a
second, lower horizontal well from which it
is then produced to the surface (see diagram
on page 4).
In all oil...
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