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Topics: Petroleum, Greenhouse gas, Royal Dutch Shell Pages: 8 (2383 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Environmental issues
The Nigerian states, Bodo in Orgoniland are faced with a crucial shell oil spill 1,640 barrels have leaked. This has impact the environment, destroyed fishing grounds and has negatively erupted the local community. Governments are working in progress with agencies, seeking more than £93million pounds in order to clean up the creeks, which, even four years after the spill, remain coated in oil. Analysis

This article relates to the module topics of environmental issues, the shell oil spill explains the direct shock that has left the members of public to deal with within this present time. Crucially the whole state of bodo ‘orgoniland’ is currently going through a major downfall, resulting to terrible issues damaging the environment. In this situation many people are left at risk fighting with ill health problems due to the pollution in the air. "The evidence of Shell's bad practice in the Niger delta is mounting" said Patrick Naagbanton, who is also lead co-ordinator of the local oil watch group and centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD). "Shell seems more interested in conducting a PR operation than a cleanup operation. The problem is not going away; and sadly neither is the misery for the people of Bodo." In conclusion, debates are being held for investigation, dismissed by Amnesty's Gaughran: "Even if we use the start date given by Shell, the volume of oil spilt is far greater than Shell recorded. More than three years facing the Bodo oil spill, there hasn’t been any major progress to conduct a proper cleanup furthermore to address the impacts that has affected communities. Years of demanding help to conquer justice in Nigeria, the people of Bodo have now taken their claim to the UK courts. Ending in the hands of the laws to resolve solution to battle for environmental issues.

Vidal, J. (2012) Shell Nigeria oil spill '60 times bigger than it claimed' Guardian, 23rd April [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 23 April 2012).

Famous GlaxoSmithKline driven bonkers, holds up bid for US biotech firm £1.6Billion to be in partnership with express shareholders. Glaxo is assertive and prepared to deliver $13 per share in cash, enabling HGS holders to make final descions on whether hostile offer will be taking on board. ‘Clear stragic and financial logic’ were measured New York HGS rejected the bid however progression under evaluation is still in order. Glaxo followed by chief executive Sir Andrew Witty are called for final plans for possible partnership. Analysis

First of all it is important to understand and define the meaning of stakeholder. According to the stakeholder is ‘a person or a group that has an investment, share or interest in something as a business or industry’. Therefore within this article it is possible to identify more than one stakeholder. Glaxo has taken full responsibility; socially connecting with a major stakeholder in order to securely produce a streamlining business visualizing potential growth in the right direction. Bidding for US biotech firm will give Glaxo full rights to these drugs once descions have been finalized. An estimated £2000million in cost savings by 2015. However on the other hand chances may face a barrier to secure opportunity. Mark Evans lead manger highlights the bright side, the fundamental key. He states ‘they will do a fantastically well out of this as £13mill is a steal’ Glaxo is holding the right cards for partnership in shares with New York HGS firm. Glaxo keeps his offer and holds hostile bid for £1.6billion partnership, he Is steadily geared up to deliver, enabling HGS holders to make vital descions on, considering whether this is the right choice to make and to take up his business deal. Orders were measured and resulted to evaluation circumstances. Progression will be continued...

References: Debarti, R. (2012) Zimbabwe land Threatened, Executive Analysis Says’ Bloomberg, Available at: http.// (Date Accessed: 16-04-2012)
Sullivan, A. Sheffin, M. (2003) ‘Economics Principles and Tools’ Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458: Pearson Prentice Hall
This collection will consist of six articles from broadcast sheets newspapers. The main plan for my portfolio is to summarize the key points in each article demonstrating a clear understanding in further depth. Broadcast sheets newspapers are often bias, for instance The Guardian is acknowledged as a liberal paper and involves especially political parties. This portfolio aims to put together a range of critics alongside supporting sources relating to similar matters. I will also draw together an equal conclusion to close all articles, each summary and commentary will narrate to a particular matter. These topics will be chosen from my module covering a range of issues demonstrating; economic, society, cultural, politics and environment awareness.
As Tim Jackson states ‘our current paradigm dictates that more stuff is better, that infinite economic growth is desirable and possible, and that pollution is the price of progress. In highlight to really make a positive change, we need to take good care of a different pattern following a sequence based on; the value of sustainability, health justice, growth and to nurture our community.
Studying business and society as a module has broadened my knowledge to understand the core reasons why problems occur within our nation as a country. Yet still it has left me thinking about the negative impact the world is facing at this present time with a big question. How will the outlook of our future generation cope with ongoing crisis? That continues impacting many areas within the social order frame. The answer is left unknown and we can only hope for the best for brighter days to remain good to us.
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