Central Processing Faciliites

Topics: Petroleum, Water, Light crude oil Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: September 18, 2013
CPF “central processing facilities” is a unit which its main function is to process the crude. The main processing criteria are:
Minimum water cut for the oil ”less than 0.5%”
Zero percent of sand
No gas associated with oil leaving CPF
Others such as acid number, viscosity, density, pour point, etc.

CPF contain many equipments and facilities to process the crude. These facilities can be summarize in: 1. crude processing facilities
2. Heating facilities
3. Chemical injection
4. Others such as test separator, test skid, pumps, meter skid, etc.

1.Crude processing facilities:
Crude processing facilities can be divided to:
a)Oil processing facilities (Light & Heavy)
b)Water processing facilities
c)Gas processing facilities

a)Oil processing facilities (Light & Heavy):
Heavy oil processing facilities:
CPF received heavy oil from Fula field (heavy single wells and heavy OGM’s) and from FPF (Moga, FNE and Keyi). To process the heavy oil, it must be gone through many main steps (Vessels) before it will be ready to be pumped to P.S #1 or whether exporting. The main vessels are: * Exchanger

* First stage sedimentation tank
* Second stage sedimentation tank
* Surge tank
* Shipping tank
Light oil processing facilities:
CPF received light oil from Fula Field (light OGM’s and light single wells) and from FPF (Jake and Keyi). As same as heavy oil, light oil passes through many main steps (vessel) to be processed and then make it ready for exporting or pumping to P.S #1. Light oil main vessels are: * Exchanger

* Production separator
* Electrostatic separator
* Shipping tank

b)Water processing facilities :
All separated water either from heavy crude or light crude passes directly to the produced water tank. c)Gas processing facilities :...
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