Chemistry Assignment

Topics: Hydrocarbon, Petroleum, Propane Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Making Connections: Chemistry Assignment
By. Sujay Sukumar
5. a) When analyzing the graph, a relationship between the hydrocarbon chain of the alkane and its corresponding boiling point can certainly be noticed. There is a increasing correlation which can be explained using the theory that as each hydrocarbon chain gets bigger, there are more atoms and thus more electrons which contributes to higher dispersion forces and therefore a higher boiling point which is clearly seen through the graph. b) Uses of the First Ten Alkanes

Methane -> A major component of natural gas (fuel).
Ethane-> A component of natural gas (fuel).
Propane-> A component of liquefied petroleum gas and bottled gas. Butane-> A component of liquefied petroleum gas and cigarette lighters (fuel). Pentane-> A component of petrol (fuel).
Hexane-> A component of petrol (fuel).
Heptane-> A component of petrol (fuel).
Octane-> A major component of petrol (fuel).
Nonane-> A component of petrol (fuel).
Decane-> A component of petrol (fuel).
Analysis Of Uses
Methane to Butane are colourless gases, while propane and butane are easily condensed under pressure and commonly sold as liquids. In addition, alkanes containing between five carbons to nineteen are colourless liquids. Petrol and kerosene are mixtures of liquid alkanes, with dye added to them for safety precautions. Furthermore, alkanes are used as fuels because they will combust since large amounts of energy are released due to the reason that the longer the chain, the more bonds are broken, and the greater the energy released. With this in mind, alkanes that are used as components of petrol should be stored in metal containers with narrow mouths and tightly sealed lids to prevent the vapour from escaping and to prevent a naked flame or spark from igniting the vapour or air mixture.
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