Compare and Contrast Different Approaches to Social Change

Topics: Karl Marx, Marxism, Relations of production Pages: 4 (1507 words) Published: January 3, 2013
The objective of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences of the liberal and radical approaches to social change and also able to anlyse which ones offers a plausible explanation to Zambia’s prevailing circumstances. I would first like to define the major terms in the essay, social change may be define as movement of human beings or societies from simple way of life to a more complex kind of life and its study involves the understanding the process of change, the forces of its change and the challenges that might hold to it to achieve development. The study of social change can be approached in tow major opposing groups. These are the Liberal and Radical approaches (Colon, 1992). Though there are so many perception to social change within the liberal approach, some radical scholars group them into subjective idealist comp and the objective idealist comp. The subjective idealist is a comp of philosophers who believe that nothing exist in actual fact, what is believed to exist is merely a sensory illusion of the perceiver. There is no objective existence independently of that perceiver’s will and conscience. While objective idealism is a camp that accepts that there is objective existence independence of the perceptions, they believe that it is factual that man and word exist in actual sense. It also has many other approaches to the question of social change such as the religious and the social science perspective. The radical approaches to social change questions some of the assumptions of the liberal views to social change, this school of thought began by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels, later there immediate followers known as the classical Marxists such as the V.I Lenin. Also a group known as the Neo-Marxist comp took it up though they deviated a bit from some of the formulations of Marx and Engels. In comparison among the liberal and Radical approach to social change, the first one is the mode of production, Marx considered economic relations too...
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