Comparing OPEC and OGEC

Topics: Petroleum, Natural environment, Natural gas Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: September 21, 2013

The Social, Economical and Environment effect that OGEC might have OPEC is a great organization of nations that are all interlinked under one common thing, and that is oil. With the creation of something like a OGEC, it will become of the most powerful organizations in the world. OGEC will involve some of the world leaders in natural gas. Within some countries there are different types of gas, making the organization vastly unique and strong. The countries involved will also form a alliance between them that will be very intimidating for competing countries.

Countries involved in OPEC have an alliance between that is unique. Other countries that are not in OPEC are not likely to have conflicts with OPEC. The bonds that the countries involved in OPEC are special because they look out for each other's interest. Their regular meetings involve negations about oil and fair separation between all of the countries. If something like OGEC is ever created, an alliance between all of the other countries will be very beneficial.

OGEC would be a great gain for countries like Russia, Iran, United States and Qatar. Their alliance will establish a type of wall from other countries around the world. When countries think of conflicting with one of the OGEC countries they have to consider having to deal with the other OGEC countries. The need for natural gas in all countries is very important to their well-being as a nation. That is why OPEC is powerful, because oil is very important to every country. Just like oil, gas is essential and an something like OGEC will be very powerful.

Allam Ahmed's three major points in sustainability are environmental, social and economical. OGEC will have to have all three of those points to be a sustainable organization. Economically OGEC will help the countries involved keep out of debt and help growth of their economy. The countries involved will help each other out by deciding what to do with the gas and the profit they make....
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