Conservative vs. Liberal

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Conservative vs. Liberal
Dimitri Khago
Sunday, August 05, 2012
Mariah Degruy

Conservatives vs. Liberals
Not just as Americans but as human beings we all want the same basic things in our daily lives. We all seek freedom and yearn for prosperity. We all seek for what is fair in life and not just our lives separately, but the lives of our nation’s people. We want less people to suffer as much as possible, especially our children. We all seek the best for our health being. We all want a crime free nation and crime free streets in our communities. We all want a freedom to speak and voice our opinions; yet the one major key argument is how do we achieve all of these? With all that has been going on in our nation’s economy, we begin to analyze one of the very most important, yet controversial political issue that we are facing: Liberal or Conservative? Although we are united as a whole nation, but when concerning our nation’s political policies we are very much divided. Each of us has our own beliefs and our own opinion, but the beauty of this is that this is what makes this country. This belief was instilled in our bloods from the day this great nation was formed, by our political forefathers up until now. We sometimes call these beliefs Left or Right based on the political spectrum. The political spectrum We have learned to become conservative toward the nation, our nation’s people and our nation’s policies, as well as we have learned to become liberal toward the nation, our people and our nation’s policies. Which is right you might ask, that all depends on every individuals different view and opinion to do what is right and best for them? Conservatives and Liberals differ on what they believe is correct for the government. They seek different essential needs, different government program support, different social views, and very different economic views.

As humans we all seek the same basic needs to live. These needs are Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness a well-known phrase from the United States Declaration of Independence. We all have the right to lead our own life in which we so choose. We all have the right to have our belief and make our own decisions and stand to our own judgments. The most important matter is that we have the right to do whatever it takes to make ourselves feel happy without harming anyone one stepping over the boundaries of others. In order to protect our individual human rights the bill of rights were established. These laws which allow the people the ability to live by these deserved rights as a human being are what distinguish us from a free person and one who is not free. If one is convicted of a felony these particular laws spoken of are no longer valid to them – the right to vote, the right to serve on a jury, and the right to bear arms are all void. Although some states are adjusting these laws to their own liking, you as a criminal are no longer privileged to take part in these opportunities because of the crime committed, they are therefore taken away from you “…Other states may permanently ban felons from voting even after being released from prison, parole, and probation, and having paid all their fines.”(State Felon Voting Laws).

There are many programs in which our government runs, and many of these programs are the split between the conservative or the liberal side. Liberals seem to view their government better as a larger government and support those programs which make this a reality. These include many programs, but one in particular is welfare. In the eyes of a liberal, this program is looked very highly upon. It helps those in need the ability to stand on their feet and not be out on the street. Although ideally this is a great help, but nowadays in our country, many people seem to take advantage of this opportunity and cheating the...

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