Curriculum and Basic Education

Topics: Curriculum, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (825 words) Published: January 4, 2013
1. Sabay-sabay dumating ang mga panauhin. Pamaraan 2. Maraming nagririserts sa U.P. at Ateneo ukol sa wika. Panlunan 3. Manonood ang mga mag-aaral bukas ng pambansang pagtatanghal ng dulang Pilipino sa CCP. Pamanahon

1. It deals with the study of matter and all of forms of energy. 1.Physics 2. He believed that things are made up of four 2.Aristotle fire and water. elements, namely, air, earth, 3.Circular Force 3. It is describes as motion along a circle. 4.Benjamin Franklin 4. He is known for 5.Chemistry experiment. his famous kite 5. It deals with the study of different chemical elements and their reactions with one another.

1. Siya ay tinuring na Little Corporal at Napoleon Bonaparte Tagapagligtas ng Republikang Pranses. 2. Siya ang nagtatag ng pinakalamaking imperyo Alexander thekasaysayan ng mundo. Great na nasaksihan ng tao sa 3. Ito ang lungsod-estado na naniniwala na dapat linangin ang katalinuhan ng bawat Athens mamamayan.

• Universal functional literacy • Universal coverage of quality Early childhood education for all 3-5 year-old children • Universal school participation and total elimination of drop-outs and repetition form Grades I-III • Universal completion of the full cycle of basic education schooling with satisfactory achievement levels • Expand the coverage of the Basic Literacy Program for the 16 year-old and above and the Alternative Learning System • Commitment of all Philippine communities to the attainment of Basic Education competencies for all.

NESC National Elementary School Curriculum 1984 - 2002 NSEC National Secondary Education Curriculum 1991 - 2002

BEC Basic Education Curriculum 2002

• Does not mean complete revision or change the curriculum. •Influenced by Jacques Delors’ Report to UNESCO, Four Pillars of Education. •Studies and findings of evaluation of NESC & NSEC.

•The goals, objectives, structure, and content of the 2002 Curriculum are in compliance with the ff: •1987 Constitution of the Republic...
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