Democrats and Republicans

Topics: Democratic Party, United States, Liberalism Pages: 3 (1132 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Aida Krafess
Rosie Branciforte
ENC 1101
April 8, 2013
Democrats and Republicans
The United States of America is known to have two major political parties. The Republican party and the democratic one. Both parties are based on views and principles being completely opposites of each other. The Republican party is known to be a conservative party, while the democratic party is known to be liberal. Two concepts that are opposites to each other. The democratic party will most certainly convince the majority of the people that it is the ideal party to remain in office because it promotes economic equality, it advocates civil rights and individual freedom, and because it is a liberal party. The two major U.S political parties have different policies and views.These two parties being Democrats and Republicans. Economically, republicans promote more equality because their taxes are the same for everyone. This means that taxes should not be higher for people with a higher income or lower for people with a lower income. They also believe that by minimizing government spending they would be able to balance their budget. Republicans also support the constitution to the highest degree. They are convinced that its laws are flawless, and want the constitution to become the base of U.S law, and do not believe in the majority rule. A rule that states that the vote of of the majority of the people should either make or banish a law. Republicans are also known to be conservatives. The word conservative is defined as the holding to traditional attitudes and values and being cautious about change or innovations. Republicans would very much like to live their lives the way the founding fathers of America had without having to go through change or innovation. (Gould 565-483) At a first glance at the economic views of the republicans, it is common to find it more equal. However, why should a person that makes minimum wage pay same taxes as the C.E.O of an international corporation....
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