Demonstration Speech

Topics: Petroleum, Lubricant, Automobile Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: October 19, 2013
Demonstration Speech

General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to the audience how to properly change the oil in a car. Central Idea: Changing the oil in your car is a simple task that one can easily perform at home.

I. When you’re driving down the road and your odometer trips another 3000 miles you’re probably thinking there goes another 30 dollars for an oil change. II.Changing the oil in your car is a simple task that one can easily perform at home. III.All you have to do is gather the proper equipment, drain the old oil, replace the oil filter and fill the car with new oil. IV.I have been changing the oil in my car since I started driving when I was 16. V.It is important to change your oil regularly for multiple reasons, better fuel economy, better performance, and to maintain the life of the motor.

(Transition: Now let me show you how to change your own oil starting with preparation and safety.)

I.First we will get together all the proper equipment necessary and ensure proper safety before beginning the process.
A.Consult your owner’s manual or your mechanic to find out the amount of oil and type of oil filter your car needs.
B.You will need a jack, jack stands, a wrench, an oil drain pan, a funnel and of course the oil and oil filter.
C.Use the jack to lift the car up so you are able to crawl underneath.
1.Use two jack stands to support the car after jacking it up.
2.Before you get underneath the car, make sure it is firmly supported.
3. Never get under a car that is supported only with a jack.

(Transition: Now that the car is properly secured and you have all the equipment you need, let us see how to change the oil.)

II.The first step when changing your oil is to drain the old oil out.
A.I suggest you run the car’s engine for 10 minutes before you change it. Warm oil drains faster than cold oil....

Cited: Edmunds, Dan. "How to Change Your Oil." Edmunds Answers. Edmunds, 22 Dec. 2011. Web. 02 Oct. 2013.
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