Deputy Sheriff

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Psychology Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: October 28, 2012
How might my ethical perspective influence my individual work and my group work?

Personally, I do not think it will in a negative way because, I will not let it.  I deal with a variety of individuals on a daily basis and to my credit, I am open-minded.  I value and I welcome differences of opinions, I am compassionate to individuals needs and I listen.  I truly believe, this has contributed to my many years of success.  Has everyday been a good day?  No.  But, because of who I am and what I represent (Positive Energy), I have flourished in my personal and my professional life. 

1) Ethical is defined as; morals, principles, beliefs and immoral.

2) Perspective is defined as; point of view, outlook and perception.

In the workplace you have set standards and guidelines in place that dictate your behavior and yes to some degree, your personal beliefs.  It is up to you, the individual to govern yourself accordingly and be somewhat flexible or suffer the consequences.  It is not always what you think or what you believe that is right or wrong.  It's simply, doing what's right (doing the right thing).

One rule of thumb I personally live by if I'm in a group setting and I do not agree with another individuals personal ethical perspective is; “Feel it, Think it, But don't say it.  “I have found, this method works for me and everyone leaves at the end of the day at peace. 

I know when working with a group of people there is always going to be differences of opinions.  In my opinion, as long as your final decisions are based on right verses wrong and not individual ethical perspectives (which vary) you can as a group, come to an acceptable conclusive conclusion.  Tony Goings
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