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Course: DEV 2150
Task: Present and discuss the various theories that are used to account for social and political change in developing countries. State by giving reasons, the theory you think is most suitable to understanding social and political change in developing countries.

Developing countries have encountered perpetual shifts in cultural values and behavioural patterns of governance which have effected vicarious changes such as social and political systems. This essay will therefore seeks to discuss various theories that are used to account for social and political changes in developing countries. It will also point out which theory could best explain as well as help understand social and political changes in developing countries. The essay will begin by giving working definitions that pertain to the discussion. It will then delve into the core essence of the essay, which is, expatiating on various theories that account for social and political change. This will provide a platform from which the ideal theory for understanding the changes can be given. Finally, a succinct conclusion will be drawn from the various discussions. Social change as cited by is defined by Wilbert Moore as “significant alteration over time in behaviour and patterns and culture”, and by Koenig as “modifications which occur in the life patterns of the people”. Mazummdar defines it as ”a new fashion or mode of either modifying or replacing the old in the life of the people, or in operation of a society.”It involves change in economic pursuits, social values, property relations and so on. There are two main theories that can be used to account for social and political changes. These consist of the liberal theories and the Radical theories. Liberal theories postulate that for any social and political changes to occur,...

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