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Topics: Petroleum, Peak oil, Ronald Reagan Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Serge bonou
English 101
Research paper: the gas price at the time I was born to now.

1- Introduction
2- . Petroleum is a natural resources uses to energize motors. Found underground. His drilling has started since 19.. And has been increase yearly due to the demand of usage by human being. The refineries and elaboration of petroleum has given us gas. Or ….in 1985 when I was coming to this world, the price of gas per barrel used to be at $....Nowadays the gas prices are at $... per barrel .according to …, gas have more than triple or quadruple price within 27 years.ga z first we review the gaz price in 1985, the reason behind the prices and the consumer index of gaz . Then, we will follow the increase and evolution of the price of gas from the late 80 s till now .at last we will go behind prices and common reasons to really decipher the main factors of gas price increase. (Have to be careful because I am writing a comparison research paper .so I have to emphasize the comparison of gas price and factors directly related to it then and now.)

3- The gas price when I was born :situate period, inflation percentage, gaz comsumption period Ronald Reagan was serving his second term .the economy has just come out from the … recession of 1985, the usa was still a great manufactured and the auto industries was climbing to his highest. At that time that my father mostly relate to the good old times . gaz at the pump was about $1.80 . the barrel of crude oil was trading at … and the inflation at the time was at 6.38 %.unemployment was low and the economy was up?down . 4- The gas price now: reason. Sudden moves up or down.

5- Psychology behind the gas price increase.
6- -Conclusion.
7- Factors to compare :gas prices , relation to the oil barrel prices, gas consumption ( first consumers and second consumers ) 8- Organization of each development paragraph . Thesis supporting details. Quotation from 1 or 2 factors...
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