Discuss How Difficult Would It Be for Hong Kong to Develop and Promote Biofuels to Replace Petroleum as Car Fue

Topics: Biofuel, Biodiesel, Petroleum Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: September 16, 2011
To discuss how difficult would it be for Hong Kong to develop and promote biofuels to replace petroleum as car fuel, we should consider the matter from geographical , economical and safety aspects.

From geographical perspective, biodiesel feedstock available in Hong Kong is waste cooking oil and animal fats. Due to the limited space, it is not possible to build many biodiesel production plants in Hong Kong, as a result the supply of biofuel would not be enough. Moreover, Hong Kong has heavy use of petroleum, since it is cheaper, more efficient and can be imported easily. The use of biofuel is not desirable, since it is not commonly use. It would be difficult for the government to promote because not many people in Hong Kong drive cars and there are other car fuel options, for example LPG.

From the economic perspective, developing biofuel involves high production cost. Biofuel is not the only option to fight against air pollution. The demand of biofuel is not very high and the Hong Kong government could spend the budget on other aspects. Or else people who cannot be benefit from the scheme would just protest, which adversely affect social harmony.

On the other hand, from the experience and research of other countries, it is know that developing biofuel would cause deforestation and loss of habitat. It would be difficult for the government to develop biofuel because people may think that spending heavy cost to do so just couldn’t solve the problem in a sustainable way. The support from its people would not be enough.

From the safety perspective, , since Hong Kong has no experience in handling biofuel, accidents may happen. If biofuel exploited on a large scale, it would be very dangerous. Accidents not only happen in plants, but also cars, fuel leak could be one of the possibilities that cause harm to the people using biofuel.

To conclude there are many difficulties in developing and promote biofuels to replace pertroleum as car fuels, the...
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