Do rights come from God, nature, or humans?

Topics: Political philosophy, Social contract, State of nature Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: January 8, 2014
Do rights come from God, nature, or humans? (Rawls)

Problem the philosopher addresses:

-Rawls faced a problem on how to stabilize the inverted pyramid in which the leaders are viewed as the servants of the people

-Social contract tradition also faced difficulty with the identification of some people living in a state of nature and other people living in a state of civilization People living in a state of civilization regarded themselves as more advanced and enlightened then people living in a state of nature

-Addresses problems with John Locke’s natural rights foundation, regards that rights do not come from nature Compares Locke’s theory to playing the card game with the cards facing up and trying to reach a unanimous vote With the cards faced up, tyranny of minority can occur Tyranny of majority can occur if a majority vote was required to protect the greatest good of the greatest number

Solution to the problem:

-Rawls corrects this by assigning people in the state of nature, the motive to fair-mindedness In natural state people can turn their cards down, when they turn the cards down they negotiate the social contract which negotiate the basic rights on which representative democracies are built, once rights are in place and institutions are established to protect those rights, cards are turned back up for policy decisions in the state of civilization. He believed that altruism and self-interest motivate people in state of civilization, when there is an excess of these motives, causing social division, where some treat others in a tyrannical manner; the cards go back down for renegotiation of the basic rights

-Rawls sides with Kant and believes that rights are created by individuals from a moral point of view, not from...
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