Economic Importance of Total Petroleum in Ghana

Topics: Petroleum, ExxonMobil, Customer service Pages: 7 (2498 words) Published: January 4, 2009
Using all the economic tools at your disposal, write a paper/report of not more than 2,500 words (preferably typed) on the company where you work by assessing its structure, its economic importance to the Ghanaian economy as well as its problems and suggested solutions.

Total Petroleum Ghana Limited ,(TPGL),an oil marketing company ,came into existence in November ,2006 following the merger between Mobil Oil Ghana Limited and Total Ghana Limited .The strong historical heritage of the company dates as far back as 1964 when the subsidiary was inherited from BP Ghana ,which was followed by a series of transitions from Elf Oil to TotalfinaElf. This, coupled with a great respect for quality, standards, achievements and safety, has propelled the subsidiary to the forefront of the industry. The approval for the merger of the two companies occurred at separate shareholders' meetings. As part of the merger contract, Total Ghana Ltd. was put into members' voluntary liquidation and its entire undertaking and assets was transferred to Total Petroleum Ghana Ltd. Thus, Total Petroleum Ghana Ltd. had to issue new shares to the shareholders of the liquidated company in accordance with their rights. The merged company remained quoted on the Ghana Stock Exchange, and still enjoys the world-class technical, product and management support from Total Outre Mer SA – its parent organisation and the world's fourth largest oil and gas conglomerate which owns 81.39 per cent shares in Total Ghana Ltd. Total Petroleum Ghana is listed on the stock index of the Ghana Stock Exchange, the GSE All-Share Index and operates 225 filling and service stations across Ghana with a significant 28% of the market. With Total Petroleum’s leadership position, came a huge recognition of the Total Brand amongst the Ghanaian investing and consuming public. The company is more visible and very well represented across the ten regions of Ghana, having inherited some of the best locations in major cities and towns. TPGL operates the hierarchical or pyramidal type of organisational structure with a replicated representation in three (3) other regional offices namely,Takoradi for the western zone, Kumasi – for the Ashanti zone and Tamale – for the Northern zone. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF TOTAL PETROLEUM GHANA LIMITED

Total Petroleum remains at the forefront of several innovations. For six years running, the company, the company has remained the only marketing company with an electronic card payment system in Ghana. To further ensure that its processes guarantee top quality customer service, Total Petroleum remains the only company in Ghana with an ISO quality management certification (ISO 9000:2001). To further enhance customer satisfaction, the company has embarked on a number of investments. These include modernising and upgrading its Takoradi depot to receive direct imports of gas oil and super in order to satisfy the needs of its mining customers and growing fleet of high performance cars in Ghana. In partnership with private businessmen, Total Petroleum has embarked on the development of service stations to bring its services to the doorstep of customers. Recognising the growth in the fleet of high performance vehicles in Ghana, Total Petroleum has introduced onto the market Super Plus (now Super Effimax) and Diesel Effimax, both high performance fuels guaranteed to ensure a smooth ride. Total Petroleum currently markets unleaded premium throughout the country and with the introduction of Super Plus(Super Effimax), the company has increased its range of unleaded fuels to satisfy the numerous needs of its various customer segments. Total’s quality range of Quartz and Rubia lubricants continue to be the favourite of the consuming public because of their sterling qualities of guaranteeing longer life to vehicles and reducing costs associated with buying inferior quality lubricants. Total Petroleum is poised to take advantage of the favourable business environment...

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