energy security

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1. Security is an important factor in life on a daily basis,people require one form of security in a particular way or the other. There are issues of crime, terrorism, poverty, displacement, health, education and many others which a nation has to ensure that its citizens are satisfied with. Any longer interruption of a steady and plenty flow of energy, particularly modern energy would massively harm a nation’s economic output, political stability and the personal wellbeing of its citizens.

2. Today, societies are entirely dependent to energy services, such as gas stations and electricity to name a few. Households, business sector, public authorities and governmental agencies are in dire need of energy to function properly. Also the rapid rise in energy prices over the past several years is seen as the beginning of a new era in which energy prices will remain high for an extended period. Several factors drive this situation, including the rapid growth in demand for energy in developing countries such as China and India following their sustained rapid per capita income growth over many years. More available income has led to an increase in the demand for transport fuel for both personal and commercial use, and that trend is expected to continue as more consumers achieve middle-income status. The supply of energy is also expected to be more costly to produce than in the past because of the depletion of easily accessible supplies of crude oil as major oil fields age and production declines. New oil fields are being located and developed, but many are in remote areas, politically unstable regions, and deep oceans. 3. Dramatic improvements and cost reductions in renewable energy technologies have occurred over the past decade and even greater improvements are expected in the years to come. In addition, plentiful unconventional...
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