Enlightenment Philosophers of Europe in 17th Century

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Enlightenment Philosophers of Europe in 17th Century
When the time of enlightenment cast upon Europe, many individual have uncover the need of communicating with others to share and learn new knowledge. These communication create many view and aspect of how society should run. Many of these view are in contradiction with others. One of these contradicting idea of society is form by Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Thomas Hobbes was a champion of absolutism for the sovereign. He supported the government system of absolute monarchs. He is infamous for his view of human is not a social animal and need guidance from one individual. Although he supported absolutism, he does point out the the basic human rights, including the right to govern laids in the hands of citizen. His political theory promoted nationalism in many absolute monarchy nations because his idea is accepted in these countries. Unlike Thomas Hobbes, John Locke thinks democracy is the perfer form of government. He believe citizen should be the one running the government not individual ruler. His view on human right , “liberty,property,and life” are very important for the development of later governments. His way make many people love the country that promote democracy, hence promoting nationalism.

During the time of Enlightenment, many country’s imperial system has weaken by innovative ideas and the overall increase of individual's intelligence level. Many imperial rulers have given up its traditional ways of ruling and started what is called Enlightened absolutism. Enlightened absolutism is form of government where the monarchs embraced the principle of Enlightenments. Ideas such as individual freedom are put in place. Monarchs such as Charles III of spain, and Catherine II of Russian are famous examples of this form of governments. Thomas Hobbes represent the “status quo” of the pre-enlightenment age. Thomas Hobbes consider although the power of governing laids in the hands of the citizen, there...
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