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UNIQUE NO 766831
NAME T. Wessels
SEMESTER 1&22013

Task 1.
Topic: Technology simplifies modern life
Argument ForArgument against
1. Explanation of technologyExplanation of traditional modern 2. Comparison of the technology and withoutComparison of the olden modern and technology 3. Use of new technologyUse of old modern

4. Change of technology brought to societyUsage of the modern way within the society

Task 2.
In the modern life Most people spend their time working, travelling and communicating , and most of them rely on specific devices such as electrical devices like drills, screws and jigsaw in their working environment, some use emails ,telephone and cell phone devices as a medium of communication all this devices were made possible due to technologic inventions ,during the days of mechanics were technology use to be a theory and communication was one of the difficult thing due to people would communicate through postal cards letters and telegrams or even had to travel from a certain distant place to rely a message which nowadays only takes few seconds to send a texted message on the cell phone. Technology was made to simplify day in and day out routine which mostly take time to carry out .technology has given the modern society the ability to witness events over and over again giving the user the chance to examine the event.in a scenario were a robbery took place there was no witnesses except a CCTV camera recording when this incident could be investigated there will be enough evidence to convict the person, also police use walk-man radios (two way radio) which are used to communicate inform each about on incident happening

Madera devices are useful in almost every single task which could take a while to do just like reading books over a cellophane tablet, it...
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